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Block Compliance is a family-​owned Fire Safety Company. ​drawing from our extensive ​industry experience, we are ​committed to innovation and ​surpassing the current market ​standards while meeting the ​online Building Safety Regulator ​requirements.

Reece Coulson - Fire Safety Surveyor

Our Services

Passive Fire Surveys

  • Fire Stopping Surveys
  • Fire Door Surveys
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Intrusive Surveys

Fire Safety Surveys

  • Building Safety Case
  • Fire Stratagies
  • Fire Management Surveys

Support Services

  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Mandatory Signage
  • Staff Traing
  • Tender Services

Operational ​Team

Jimmy Dempsey

Co-Founder/Senior ​Surveyor

Richard Dempsey

Managing Director

Abby Dempsey

Operations ​Manager

Jen Waddington

Social Media ​Manager

Reducing Risk


We value the trust you place in us as our ​clients. It is essential for our business to ​reciprocate that trust.

How do we achieve this? By assessing ​risks on a scale, ensuring your building ​meets compliance standards by ​identifying and summarising all ​potential risks, and providing you with ​a practical and costed plan.

Rob Newton - Fire Safety Surveyor

Principal ​Contractor/Project ​Management

When working on projects for our clients' buildings, ​we provide the role of Principal Contractor for ​projects involving multiple contractors and Project ​Manager for single-contractor projects.

Our expertise in Project Management ensures that ​the individual who has commissioned the work is ​safeguarded, ensuring compliance is upheld and ​completed with the appropriate certification and ​approval.

Reece Coulson - Fire Safety Surveyor

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Nationwide coverage, remote ​areas may be subject to ​additional costs but we have ​you covered

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